I set this blog up primarily to please myself.  The idea came about because I love to write, but always make the excuse that I don’t have time.  However, everyone can find five minutes a day, and I was inspired by the idea behind 365 Collages, so I was going to call this blog 365/5, with the idea that I would write and post for at least five minutes every day for a year.  However, whilst accurate, as a title it seemed a little unexciting, hence the current title, which describes the impact I’m expecting this blog to have on the world.

I’d been meaning to get going with the project for ages, and then I started posting on Facebook about the Sochi Olympics and my friends started liking the posts and shouting at me in the comments that I should get a blog, already! so I did, and this is it.  The Sochi posts are all here, and so will be everything else I write over the next year.  People tell me that you need a theme for a successful blog, and my theme is “Things I want to write about.”

The picture on the blog heading is nothing to do with mice or farting.  It’s a photo taken on New Year’s Day 2014 at beautiful Tooting Bec Lido where I swim all year round and it’s there because I like it. There you go, right on theme!

Finally, the boring bit, which is that all content on this blog written by me is copyright me, Barbara Jennings, 2014.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. That’s the best about page I’ve read! Love the blog title, fart away, I will sniff it all ;-)😉😉

  2. I like your posts. They make me smile and laugh. Thank you.

  3. Saw this and thought of the blog – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Caqd_M6p2Q0

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