I’ve been rubbish at posting recently, partly because I’ve had the best part of two weeks off work this month. The first week was a flu-ey cold, then I was back at work for a week feeling sub-par, and this week I’ve been mostly off again with either a) said cold coming back for an encore b) another virus/secondary infection or c) a menopausal hormone lurch resulting in a few days of my body having zero energy to do anything but adjust to the new state of affairs. Impossible to tell, and I will go to the doctor’s, and they will tell me that it’s either a), b), or c), and that I need to rest until it goes away. Which I know, but I still need to go to the doctor in case I’m still off next week and need to produce a doctor’s certificate for work. Extremely boring all round. Oh, bring me the world’s smallest violin…..

On the upside, I have never been so up to date with social media, and the cats have never had so many opportunities for nuggles. This morning, because it’s my day off, I didn’t have to wake up at seven, try to get up, decide I couldn’t go to work and email them to cancel all my meetings, so I turned off the alarm and decided to sleep in until I or the cats woke up. I woke up at eight on my own. Apparently the feline residents were also totally onside with the prospect of a lie-in.

I was lying there wondering whether to go back to sleep when there was a meow so small that I wasn’t sure whether it was in fact a meow or merely my breath squeaking a bit in my nostrils. A few seconds later it was repeated, slightly louder. I peered over the side of the bed to see the senior cat standing there in an attitude of deferential enquiry, rather like a ladies’ maid a la Downton Abbey, although sadly without a tray of tea. Goodness knows where they get their manners from, it certainly isn’t from me. After breakfast and a swift necessary garden break Missy was back for nuggles whilst I drank my own, self-made tea in bed. Apparently it’s shedding season *picks cat hair out of eyebrows*.

Anyhoo. Yosemite service will be resumed shortly. The fact that I have the mental energy to blog is an improvement, believe it or not. First world problems, eh? 😁