For the rest of us, the day wasn’t too bad. When I wasn’t buddying Pip or swimming, I was back at the tent, lounging in the sun and chatting with whoever was around, at one point going into the tent to have a bit of a nap. I was foiled in this by a large group of swimmers who were camped just behind us and who seemed to have endless friends who kept arriving to be greeted with loud cries of delight. One particular girl with a distinctive Northern accent was so loud that it sounded as though she was in the tent with me; every time I dropped off I’d be woken by cries of “Hiya! Hiya! Ow yeh doin? It’s mad, this, ent it, eh?!?”  Sigh.  For Pip, though, it must have been a different story as he slogged his way onwards, mile after weary mile. 

More tomorrow.