The only “romantic” relationship YT has in Snow Crash is with Raven, an Aleut who is working with the villain L. Bob Rife to metaphorically nuke the Metaverse, Snow Crash’s ultra-imersive version of the internet. They meet on board the Raft, a city-sized island of refugees heading towards America under the control of Rife. YT is being held prisoner there by Rife and Raven busts her out by the simple expedient of carrying her out of the canteen where she’s been put to work. 

He can do this because, as a gigantic murderous psychopath with “Poor Impulse Control” tattooed across his forehead, he has a pretty high amount of status in the lawless environment of the Raft. YT stays with him because it’s better than being alone and also because they have a surprising amount in common. They end up having explosive sex during which YT renders him accidentally unconscious (don’t ask). 

The next time YT sees Raven she’s just escaped from Rife by rappelling forty feet down from a helicopter in flight and free-falling a further twenty onto an express-way, carooming off a number of cars in the process. (She survives unscathed, which in Snow Crash world is entirely plausible and carefully explained.) She looks up, sees him staring down at her from a following helicopter and realises that “He’s not pissed at her at all. He loves her.”  He gives her a thumbs up, she flips him the bird and “with that, the relationship is over, hopefully forever.” 

And that’s it. The sum total of romance for YT. Which is just fine for her and us, because without any boring romantic storyline getting in the way, YT is free to have all sorts of relationships with other people which are far more interesting, and to run around doing other fun and exciting things and generally be a busy, successful and fulfilled human being without reference to any need to validate herself by becoming coupled up with someone else. She exists in her own right, not as one half of a twosome, putative or otherwise, and she does her own thing unencumbered by any worries about anyone else. She has her own life and her own problems and she deals with them herself; she’s doesn’t need any man to make her a happy ending. It’s wonderful and very refreshing and it makes YT an absolutely brilliant role model. 

More shortly.