The trouble with all these myths taken together is that they seem to be weakening the current political establishment in favour of big business and those who already have a large stake in supporting and furthering the current increasingly unequal structure of society. If you follow the money, the people who benefit from taking apart our democracy are the likes of Rupert Murdoch, big oil, Monsanto, and companies Uber, Starbucks and JD Sports; those who have a business model of exploiting something that belongs to everyone, such as the realm of public debate, the environment, or the compact between companies and their employees, for their own personal gain, regardless of the effect on individuals. 

Big companies and rapacious individuals are largely controlled by the activities of states enacted via governments which represent the interests of all of their people. Governments are amongst the very few places where real power over corporations resides, and inter-governmental entities such as the European Union are able to control them across the wider gloabal arena in which they operate. If you want to know why it’s a bad idea to attack democracy by condemning its representatives or stifling the bodies which support it such as the judiciary or the media, then look at who stands to gain by it. 

More tomorrow.