Closely related to The Will of the People and Enemy of the People is Being a Bad Loser. This is employed by anyone who disagrees with the result of the aforementioned vote and dares to voice either concern at the outcome or opposition to any action of the winners. This argument goes “We had the vote. You LOST. So SHUT UP!! You LOST the argument! Shut up and stop being a BAD LOSER!” 

The main problem with this of course is that it totally disregards the issue of freedom of speech, which is one of the pillars of democracy. Democracy depends upon opposition, and in a healthy democracy open, respectful and well-informed debate should be able to flourish.Any one who tries to tell you otherwise is heading in the direction of, you guessed it, totalitarianism. Incidentally, those who are most vocal in voicing this argument after winning are often those who have been most vocal in opposition prior to winning. This alone should tell you that any attempt to close down debate with accusations of sore losership* is gaslighting and can be ignored. 

The main distinction between Enemies of the People and Sore Losers is that Enemies of the People are normally those with the power to do something about things which offend against small and unimportant things like law and justice, and the accusation is usually levelled after they’ve done it. “OUTRAGEOUS!” cry the accusers. “How DARE they stop us doing WHATEVER WE WANT? We WON! That makes them ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE!”. Nah. Gaslighting, but it’s a nasty form of it.

Sore Losers, on the other hand, are usually those with no power to change things but who dare to speak out about their concerns. “Shut UP! You LOST!” squawk the winners, as though politics were a football game which stops when you have a result. And of course closely linked to both of these is the concept of betrayal, which is usually levelled against anyone in the winning organisation who doesn’t agree with its direction of travel. Oooh, do I spot the T word? 

*Real word. Great word. The best word. I have lots of friends who say it’s the best word. The OED says it’s the best word. FACT.