I guess, as many people have said, that it’s this huge rise in inequality over the last fifty years that has a lot to do with both Brexit and the rise of Trump. For people like me, staying in the EU and voting for Hilary Clinton look like no brainers. For people who got significantly worse off as a result of the financial crisis, and are still no better off, they probably look a lot less obvious. If the “right” answer isn’t delivering on making your lives better, then why not go with the “wrong” one. It’s unlikely to make any difference to you. 

Of course, it will.make a difference, as has been pointed out again and again by desperate left wing and cente-left commentators. Those who weren’t doing so well under Obama and the EU are likely to do less well under the alternatives, something which is largely due to our old friend, the right wing conspiracy. But wait! What conspiracy? Haven’t I already said that it doesn’t exist? Well, yes, but, no, but.

It exists, but not as an actual conspiracy. It exists as a system which systemically (well, yeah!) makes the poor poorer and the rich richer. It’s the system which, merely by operating, strips away protection and opportunity from the powerless and trapped, and gives more and more influence and freedom to those who already have such things in abundance. It’s a system which is designed to support the status quo and make it quoer. It’s the system which overwhelmingly favours white men, and particularly wealthy white men, above almost anyone else. If you’ve read my posts on Feminism, you’ll know how it works. It’s the system which the Left generally has been trying to reform for large parts of the last century, with varying degrees of success.

More shortly.