My post about the Icelandic government’s ‘abolition’ of debt illustrates the difference between the right wing conspiracy of popular left wing imagination and the real right wing ‘conspiracy’ currently afflicting a large part of the Western world. (“Afflicting” of course is the appropriate word only if you don’t agree with it; otherwise, it probably feels like the triumph of right.) The media did not fail to report an amazing move by the Icelandic government to help its people because they were muzzled by the Rothschilds; they didn’t report it because it didn’t actually happen. 

Similarly, there is no shadowy cabal of titled personages, media moguls, captains of industry, merchant bankers, senior politicians and high-ranking police and army officers meeting in a secret star-chamber to plot against Jeremy Corbyn or anybody else. The idea that there is bears about as much relationship to reality as the popular right wing myth that there are hordes of immigrants “flooding” into the country, all bent on taking council houses away from hard-working British folks whilst simultaneously stealing their jobs, lounging around on benefits, and plotting to blow up the Queen. Which, of course, there aren’t.

More shortly.