Happy New Year! I have seen a couple of posts on Facebook recently of the “I’ve already decided – 2017 is going to be fantastically AWESOME!” type. I admit, I’ve ‘liked’them with some trepidation, as I posted the same thing myself last year, regarding 2017, and whilst it was personally an extremely good year it was also pretty awful on the macro scale, at least for well-meaning Guardian readers like me. 2017 is going to be the year of Article 50 and President Trump, and whilst that may be awesome in some respects, it’s not likely to be in a good way. 

There has been a heck of a lot of discussion about both of these and I’m not sure I need to add to it, despite the fact that this series of posts started out as a discussion about Brexit, turned into a rant about Jeremy Corbyn, and then ran into the sand as he won the leadership election and vanished back into his office, or wherever he spends his time when he’s not fighting leadership challenges. Just before Christmas I came back and wrote about the hostile way the right wing media in this country portrays anyone who stands up for the rights of workers, including obviously Mr Corbyn himself, and the question of whether there is a right wing conspiracy to bring about the triumph of neoliberalism. Which there is, although probably not quite as some of my friends would have it. 

More tomorrow.