And on! to the final! A picnic fit for a queen, increasing the soon-to-be dashed hopes that Her Maj would drop in on the final knees-up. Well, she is ninety. I guess parachuting gets a bit weary-making at that age. The bakers had to make forty nine picnic items including two I could actually do myself, a chocolate cake and some cheese scones. Go me!  The hard bit is clearly the timing, not least since they only have one oven so have to juggle like crazy. Mwah-hah-hah-ha!!  Andrew is coping with this by means of a coloured spreadsheet. A coloured spreadsheet!!! It’s well known in business, well, my bit of business at least, that there is no project management issue which can’t be solved with a coloured spreadsheet.  GO ANDREW! 

At this point we watched the obligatory bits about the contestants’ families, which are always quite sweet. Jane’s husband is called Ray, which dates him. I mean seriously, how many young Rays do you know? It’s gone out of fashion, like Kevin and Patricia.  Andrew’s family is what I would describe, generalising furiously from very little evidence, as upper-middle class, which makes his choice of engineering even more unexpected, god love him. With that liking for spreadsheets he should really be going into accountancy. Candice’s family demonstrated their working-classness by all sitting on the sofa together, although that may of course have been how the programme makers placed them. For all I know they suggested that they be interviewed in the conservatory with a view of the swimming pool and the Love Productions director said “Um… The light’s not our friend there, I’m afraid. I wonder….. do you have a really big sofa?”  At any rate, Candice’s dad did do the obligatory piece to camera confirming with a tear in his eye that she’s his daughter and that he’s very proud of her. Ahhhhh!! 

We also had shots of the other bakers arriving at the picnic. Tim, with his puppy eye!  Rav, lovely Rav, reminding me how much I’d missed him and his cheery smile and ever-present sense of humour. And Kate, who tweeted during the final that they were all watching it round at Selasi’s with lots of drink. This sounds so fairytale that I half wonder if it was made up, but such is the magic of Bake Off that I’m choosing to believe it. 

More tomorrow!