Whilst having a bit of a Google around the phrase “social movement” last night, as you do, in my quest to try to understand a bit more about what is currently going on in the Labour Party, I came across this most interesting article by Colin Talbot, Professor of Government at the University of Manchester. It asks the question “Is Corbyn turning Labour into a ‘Democratic Centralist’ Party?”, and goes on to outline what Democratic Centralism is, and why there are signs that some of its ideas may be taking hold in the the Labour Party. Democratic Centralism, if you don’t know (I didn’t) is the form of organisation pioneered by Lenin and the Bolsheviks and adopted by all communist and Trotskyist organisations since then. 

Of course, if you are a Jeremy Corbyn supporters, you will probably dismiss this as more “reds under the bed” scaremongering put about by those who have an interest in maintaining the status quo, and I’m pretty sure it’s not what the majority of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters think they’re doing, but it may indeed be what Jeremy Corbyn himself and his close colleagues believe is happening. More on this shortly.

For if this is indeed the thinking, it may also provide some explanation of why Jeremy Corbyn himself and his supporters seem to be supremely unworried about his unelectability (for reasons of competence, not because everyone in the “establishment” is scared of him – they’re not). If you think you are, to quote the article, ‘creating a vanguard elite ready to seize power on behalf of “the masses” when “the time comes”‘, then you probably don’t worry too much about getting elected. 

More tomorrow.