On the subject of trust, this blog post* is, to me at least, fascinating. Aside from the other issues (and you will guess that I don’t agree with most of it – the comments on the piece are worth reading) the most extraordinary passage is the one in which the writer suggests that the answer to the behaviour of the Parliamentary Party is to demand that MPs publicly sign a letter at the Party Conference agreeing that Jeremy Corbyn is the rightful leader of the Labour Party and that they will not oppose him, any who refuse being marked down for deselecting at the next election. (The deselection “solution” is quite popular amongst Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters.)

Quite apart from the fact that Jeremy Corbyn voted against the Labour Leadership and the Party whip 428 times when Labour was in power and can therefore hardly demand unthinking obedience from his MPs without being guilty of the grossest hypocrisy, the writer seems blind to the fact that this would look less like a new style of politics and more like a North Korean show trial. True, in the case of the Labour Party the public confession of sins against the dear leader will be followed by the guilty parties being marched away to be turned into robotic party apparatchiks neutered into compliance, rather than to be hanged with piano wire, but the intention, the ruthless stamping out of dissent, and the underlying paranoia, are the same.

More tomorrow.

*Whoops, forgot the link! Now added.