On the subject of consensus, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at Clement Attlee, probably the most effective* Labour leader there has ever been. Interestingly, there is a parallel between Attlee and Jeremy Corbyn (and, indeed, the leaders of the Leave vote in the EU referendum), in that, rather as Jeremy Corbyn did not expect to win the 2015 leadership election, Attlee did not expect to win the 1945 election. Labour fought the election under the banner “Let us face the future”, as the party best placed to rebuild Britain after the war, whilst the Conservatives based their campaign largely around Churchill, whose status led many to predict a Conservative victory. When Labour won a huge majority it came as a surprise to all, including the party itself.

Fortunately for Labour and for Britain, Attlee did not allow the grass to grow under his feet, and set about implementing the post-war consensus as matter of urgency, assisted by the hugely influential Beveridge Report. This had been commissioned by the Coalition government during the war, and was widely popular, presenting as it did more or less a blueprint for the Welfare State. In this he was much assisted by his cabinet, which included such Labour luminaries as Ernest Bevin, Herbert Morrison, Stafford Cripps, and the towering genius of Aneurin Bevan. In this Attlee was demonstrating another one of the traits of highly effective* leaders, namely, of surrounding yourself with highly effective people. 
*Using “effective” in the sense of “getting things done”.
More tomorrow.