Lots more stuff on Facebook about JC today, much of which will make its way into this series in due course. It’s fascinating to me, because when I write about things on here and, by so doing, find out more about them, both by a bit of reading up, by reading comments which other people post here and on Facebook, and by thinking about them, I find I moderate my views. With Jeremy Corbyn the opposite has happened; this started as a series about Brexit with a bit of Corbyn on the side and has changed into a full-on Corbyn assault. 

This is largely because, having started off thinking that he was an irritating time-waster but no more, I’ve become convinced, the more I think about it that the man is a truly dangerous narcissist who is in the process not just of destroying the Labour Party but also of making any form of Socialist government unelectable for a generation, and neutering effective opposition in this country in a way that will allow the Conservatives to destroy the NHS as they destroyed the trade unions in the eighties and to continue the neo-liberal transformation of this country more or less unopposed. This flirtation with him by so many otherwise sensible people is horribly horribly dangerous not just for the country but also for the left wing and for anyone who genuinely espouses Socialist views. 

Which explains why I am being somewhat more forceful than I would normally be, both here and, particularly, in my responses on Facebook. I don’t want to be that person who is always posting negative comments on other people’s Facebook feeds and going nuclear on my own feed with friends who thought they were just having a bit of a debate, but I really, really, really don’t want to lose the NHS.

    More tomorrow.