There is no doubt whatsoever that there are a large number of people in the Labour Party (and possibly in the country at large, although I am less convinced by that argument) who yearn for a genuinely Socialist leader. Personally I would love a genuinely Socialist leader of the Labour Party. Unfortunately for us, the problem with Jeremy Corbyn, as a number of people have been pointing out this week, is that, whilst he is undoubtedly a Socialist, he is not a leader. 

This fact is so self-evidently obvious that even those who support Jeremy Corbyn have not been arguing it with any great enthusiasm. Instead they have had to fall back on other ways of supporting it, primarily by arguing that his election by the Party members provides him with the much-touted “mandate”, a semi-mythical beast which is usually cited by politicians when they want to do something they know will be unpopular. 

More tomorrow.