The Punch and Judy show that British politics has turned into over the last couple of weeks, even more obviously than usual, is in some ways, I feel, not an entirely bad thing. Had Brexit been followed immediately by Davis Cameron triggering the infamous Article 50 (to mangle a quote, we are all European lawyers now), and serious interviews with serious-faced men in suits going in and out of buildings and commenting that “Negotiations are still at a very early stage”, and opinion pieces from experts, professors, and senior economists on our likely future, we might all be feeling a lot more panicky. 

As it is, like the hapless gang at the end of The Italian Job we hang half on, half off the road, wondering whether we will ever be able to spend our big pile of gold and watching as a bunch of would-be Michael Caines involve themselves in a punch-up, the iconic final line “Hold on everybody, I’ve got a great idea” currently being rendered, frequently and repeatedly, as “Hold on, everybody, I’ve got a great idea OOOOOOFFFFF right you scumbag you asked for it”. It is highly entertaining if not enlightening, and is doing a rather good job of distracting us from our current plight.

Personally I think Theresa May will win because she has managed to look more like a grown-up than the rest of them, and I suspect even the Conservatives who will vote for her would quite like a strong Mummy figure right now. She is also, at least in looks and demeanour, the closest thing the Conservatives have to a super-villain right now, and one can’t help feeling that if we are going to have to negotiate Brexit with Jean-Claude Junker it would be no bad thing to have Cruella de Ville in kitten heels on our side of the table.
And then there is the Labour Party. Oh, the Labour Party….. More tomorrow.