And in the few days while I’ve been absent doing other things*, what larks, Pip!!! Boris is gone, stabbed in the back by Gove, Gove looks as though he’s toast thanks to two strong women (and it looks as though, whatever else happens, Brexit will now gift us a female Prime Minister – who’d a thunk it?), Farage has stood down (presumably so that he can slink off somewhere to take off the mask, unstrap his scaley tail from round his waist and swallow a live rodent or two), the stock market has bounced back to better than pre-Brexit, Mark Carney is wondering whether there’s an interest rate lower than zero and, according to the radio this morning, major City law firms have responded to the Brexit task force, which approached them saying that it would need the assistance of top experts in European law to negotiate our withdrawal from the EU, by pointing out that they’re quite busy already advising all their clients on the same thing, but could make the post boy and the managing partner’s daughter, who is doing an internship with them over the summer after her first year studying European Law and Sports Psychology at Loughborough, available for a hefty fee. And in the meantime the Labour party implodes, with Jeremy Corbyn insisting that he has the right to stay on despite the fact that the party is in meltdown around him, like a hapless DIYer who, even as the ceiling collapses and water pours through the hole where the floor used to be, sparking the electrics as it goes, continues to insist that he’s knows what he’s doing and could sort the mess out just fine if only the rest of the family would get out of the way and stop shouting at him.

It’s like watching a sitcom. The British public has gone through disbelief, despair or joy, depending on your point of view, and astonishment to what appears to be our current state of resigned bemusement. 

More tomorrow.

*Including the wonderful Seahorses swim in East Dorset, 3.8k which I completed without a wetsuit in the same time as I did it with a wetsuit last year, and feeling much more comfortable. I’ll take that, thank you!