So where, in terms of the bigger picture, does that leave us? We seem to be in a place in respect of feminism and society’s relationship with women where there is a general recognition that discrimination against women still exists, but a reluctance both to ascribe blame to where it belongs or to do anything concrete about it. Progress has been made; an enormous, a vast amount of progress, but the ground we have gained in this respect is constantly under attack, both from those who openly attack the rights women have gained and from those who more covertly move against truly treating women as full human beings, as equals. I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about this, and the reasons for it, and there seem to me to be a number of things going on which lead to this situation.

Firstly, the fact that giving women full equality will mean that some men will lose some privilege. I’ve already written about this at some length. To take an example, if you are in a position where 80% of senior managers in business are men, and you want to move to a position where your senior managers are 50/50 men and women, then by the laws of mathematics 30% of your senior men have to be demoted. Understandably, they don’t like this idea. The old saw about turkeys and Christmas springs to mind.

More tomorrow.