Yep, this is a clever trick indeed, to say that women these days are surely not oppressed as modern women are strong enough to overcome oppression, which also makes women feel bad if they are being oppressed, because they should be able to overcome it, all larded over with a heavy sprinkling of ‘A strong woman is one who, when her feet hit the ground in the morning, the Devil says “Oh shit, she’s up!”‘*.  And like I say, it neatly absolves those carrying out the oppression both of the need to acknowledge it (“Surely a big strong woman like you wouldn’t let anyone oppress her?”) and of the need to take responsibility for it (“You’re letting somebody oppress you? Your bad!”). How fiendishly clever!

And all the while repeating that women shall not play the game like men, allowed to be selfish, mouthy, pushy, etc, because nobody likes a selfish, mouthy, pushy woman, unlike men, who are merely supposed to be competent and successful and largely absolved of the need to be likeable as well. And of course, if you’re a woman, you’re also supposed to conform to certain standards of physical attractiveness and to wear clothing that makes it harder for you to function as a human being.

More tomorrow.

*Another real example.