Oh, those sneaky Faux-Approbators!! Persuading women that being on the end of a shed load of shit, to grievously mix my metaphors, is somehow a badge of womanhood and an opportunity to show how strong you are by overcoming it! How very very sneaky. It’s similar to the crap that was dished out to young men in the last century, where the ideal of the heroic soldier bravely going forth to take on the foe and die for his country was pushed down the throats of the young men who were recruited as cannon fodder. It’s not unlike the “know your place” structure of the class system, when people were persuaded to keep themselves down by criticising those who “got above themselves”* , and the myth of the noble working class was propagated, which was very useful for those members of the monied classes who didn’t want to pay for them to have educations and inside lavatories. It’s very similar to the perfect housewife ideal of the 1950’s, when married women who had had a taste of independence during the war were told that the men wanted “their” jobs back and that a woman’s place was in the home, positioning scatter cushions, creating delicious meals for her family and getting her hair done.

Yep, it’s a lovely little way of dissuading people whom you want to oppress from protesting too loudly that You know what? This is shit! and persuading them to cooperate in their own oppression, ideally by directing their bad feelings about the shit on themselves. If they can be successfully mind-washed into believing that they feel bad not because they’re in a crappy situation but because they’re a bit crap themselves, then they are much less likely to cause trouble for you, not least because people who feel bad about themselves are less likely to protest strenuously about the crappy situation you’ve put them in and more likely to turn to the gin, the valium, and the doughnuts.

More tomorrow.

*Bossy women, anyone? Reminding you of some of the woman on woman criticism of Hillary Clinton?