So (some) men treat women whom they believe to be trespassing on “their” territory very badly, just as (some) drivers treat cyclists and pedestrians whom they believe to be trespassing on “their” roads very badly. And just as there seems to have been an upsurge of driver hatred against cyclists recently, there also seems to have been an upsurge of misogynistic bullying, both caused largely, as I’ve mentioned, by the fact that both cyclists and women are making serious inroads into that “forbidden” territory. And not just making inroads into it but occupying it and changing it, demanding cycle lanes and flexible working and safeguards that will prevent cyclists being killed and gender equality on boards and female experts and safer driving and goodness knows what else. Where will it all end?

Well, hopefully with lots and lots of cycling infrastructure and with road-space, particularly in cities, made much, much more friendly for cyclists and pedestrians, and with far more people cycling. And with lots and lots of gender equality and with working, political and financial space being made much, much more woman friendly and with lots and lots of women in positions of power in those areas. Both of which will be nice.

But as the redoubtable John Scalzi has pointed out, it is always the rearguard actions which are the most bitter and hardfought and as gender equality becomes more high-profile and as women become more and more vocal and insistent about equality, men (or some men, at least) fight harder and dirtier to maintain the status quo and the unearned privileges to which they feel entitled.

We will have more on this topic shortly. But for the next three days I think we will have something a bit more Christmassy. So, a festive intermission tomorrow!