In my post yesterday I talked about weaselling which to my mind is the habit of dismissing valid complaint or requests, such as, for example, those relating to gender inequality, in circumstances when the person dismissing them doesn’t wanna, without any real explanation, and then, if the complainant gets upset about this, focussing on their emotional reaction rather than on the situation. This is the third reason which is often given by the advantaged for not embracing concepts around equality, What Are You Getting So Upset About?, aka It’s Not That Big A Deal.

It’s Not That Big a Deal is the way that people who are advantaged will often dismiss the complaints of those who are disadvantaged as overexaggerated, emotionally driven, maybe even a bit hysterical, a word which, interestingly, derives from the Greek for womb. Thus when a man shouts, we understand that he’s very angry.  When a woman shouts,  she’s being overemotional, maybe a bit hormonal. So woman are not just disadvantaged at every turn, but their valid anger at this is dismissed as an overreaction. “Time of the month”, people mutter, or “Menopause”, without considering that a woman may have a perfectly good reason for being absolutely f*cking furious.

More tomorrow.