I love these post of John Scalzi’s for all sorts of reasons. I love them because they’re so on the point, and so necessary. The man is an awesome feminist, and if you doubt that, have a look at this post, to which I have also linked from here in the past. I love them because they’re clever – they’re a brilliant summation and analysis of the position, most especially in his first follow-up post (“Asserting that programs designed to counteract decades of systematic discrimination are proof that Straight White Males are not operating on the lowest difficulty setting in the game of life is not the winning argument you apparently believe it is. I’ll let you try to figure out why that is on your own.”) I love them because, since he’s a professional writer, they’re beautifully written (“a white dude who loves him some women”). 

I love them because as well as being clever, they’re also funny. John Scalzi is, as well as a professional writer, a professional troll-killer, and, my, can he take down trolls. I’ve already shown you his “This is what a feminist looks like” post. May I mention his use of the word “malletting” to describe dealing with people who behave obnoxiously on his site?* This refers to The Mallet of Loving Correction, his term for his moderation of trolling and other behaviour on his site, obnoxious and otherwise, which contravenes his comment policy. Every time I hear that phrase it makes me smile. (He has an extension to the Mallet of Loving Correction, called Kittening.  This is a practice he uses to deal with particularly unpleasant and persistent trolls, which involves publishing their posts heavily edited to remove references to vileness and prejudice and replace them with references to kittens, butterflies and fwuffy widdle bunny wabbits. Trolls hate it.  Twitter could learn a thing or two from John Scalzi, to refer back to where this series of posts started a month ago).

I guess I should apologise for digressing from feminism to talk about the awesomeness of Mr Scalzi. But, to take a leaf out of his book, this is my site, so who gets to decide what I write about on here? Why, I do! And also, if you follow the links from the original post, you can find some pretty awesome feminist stuff (plus a load of stuff about kittens, which is always good.) Back to the serious stuff tomorrow!

*In case you’re thinking that he should allow adverse comment, he does; he has a very clear and well-thought out comment policy which he adheres to and which is readily found on the site, and, since he values lively and constructive debate, he has also published advice on how to be a good  commenter on teh interwebs.