Since I wrote my last post, Andy has corrected me – the hot tubs at Latitude were actually only £19 each. Total bargain! And he has also mentioned some of the other lovely things about them (if a price can justifiably be described as lovely – I think the jury might be out on that….). For a start, although the hot tub location was right next to the busy main path onto the site, they had nevertheless managed to make it feel as though you were in a peaceful glade in the middle of the forest. The path was separated off by high barriers and within, all was calm and loveliness.

(“Lovely” as an adjective appears to have been on special offer this week, judging by how many I seem to have to use up, a bit like kale in the veg box. I have tried to find another word for that last sentence but I can’t find anything which quite captures that sort of spa atmosphere which has incense and tinkly pebble fountains and underlighting shining up through green leaves – a sort of low rent Gwyneth Paltrow-esque ambience, if you know what I mean. (Gwynnie in her current GOOP persona, obviously. Not in her Shakespeare in Love or Emma manifestations, that wouldn’t work at all. I mean, Regency is fine in its way but it doesn’t really do hot tubs. (Although having said that, if Jeremy Northam had appeared out of the woods to give me a back scrub, I wouldn’t exactly have fought him off.)))

Three brackets! I think that’s a record, for this blog anyway. They must have been thrown in cheap with the lovelys. Yes, that IS right, grammar fiends! I am pluralising the word lovely and using it as a noun, not employing a plural adjective. How’d you like THEM apples, Lynne Truss?!?  Ah, yes. And bracketed by the fences which kept out the non-paying mob, we luxuriated in spa-ey loveliness.  Unnecessarily windey paths, check!  Small pebbled pool with tinkly bronze heron fountain, check! Green uplighting, check! Wind chimes, check! And real hot showers, fabulous wood-fired hot tubs and deep cold plunge tub, oh, check, checkity check! We were in grubby festival-goer spa heaven.

More tomorrow. Or soon.