And so I carried on blogging once a day, even when I’d passed my target of posting for 365 days in a row continuously. In part it was because people were kind enough to say that they hoped I wouldn’t stop, in part because I was (and am) still enjoying blogging. I really like the experience of writing and how it takes me to a different place and frees up different parts of my brain, even in the short patch of time I’ve got to do it in. I love starting a series of posts and finding it takes itself off in weird and wonderful directions that my conscious mind would never have imagined.

On Sunday I was listening to Barry Humphries talking about his alter ego, Dame Edna Everage, and how he never knows when he plans a new show, what she’s going to want, and how she sometimes comes out with things which surprise even him. None of this is strange to me. We all have lots of different aspects to us, and for me writing and blogging is one way of accessing some of those hidden aspects. And I enjoy it. There are few pastimes I enjoy more than writing. Even when I don’t want to do it, I enjoy it once I’ve started. I started this blog and my 365 day challenge to force myself to write more in a busy life, and it’s worked – I definitely write more. I didn’t (and don’t) want to give that up

And I like reading my blog. It’s a bit wanky, but I really enjoy going back and reading old posts or old series. Sometimes I read something I’d forgotten writing, and when I read it a smug voice within says “Oh, ho ho – very good! Very funny!” (and sometimes a less self-satisfied voice thinks “Hmm, could’ve written that better….”)  And finally, I have to admit, I do enjoy the (very very VERY minor) sublebrity (for want of a better word) that comes with writing a blog. I like it when people tell me they’ve read something and that they enjoyed it. I like being able to say when people ask “Oh, yes, I write a blog, you know”. Get me!

More tomorrow.