I haven’t written a lot about swimming recently, largely because I haven’t done very much of it. Last year I swam a lot; I think I did my first mile in the Lido in April while the temperature was still in the early teens, and I started training early for Coniston, the Chillswim event involving swimming the 5.25 mile length of Coniston Water. By this time last year I felt a lot fitter and more acclimatised to cold water than I do this year.

A combination of having three tattoos at the beginning of February, which kept me out of the water for most of the month, a number of annoying bugs and viruses following on in March and April, a certain amount of travel, and, most of all, laziness, have all kept me from building up my swimming fitness. Part of it is just reluctance; I know that in order to get back to where I was last year I’ll have to do some hard yards, and while I love swimming, I hate swimming any distance when I’m unfit. For most of the last two months the thought of getting out of bed at stupid o’clock to go and swim a mile before work just seemed too hard.

More tomorrow.