A series of posts I’ve been thinking of writing for a while….. and triggered today by the fact that I’m currently in Monaco doing some facilitating with our office here, while my cat-sitter looks after my house and puddy tats (if you’re anti-cats, that’s probably the last reference to cats in today’s post. Of course, I can’t promise…..).

So, Monaco on a business trip. Believe me, not as glamorous as it sounds. There may be glamorous bits of it, but I have spent today working quite hard in a fairly unglamorous office, albeit with some very nice people, helping the guys in our office here to map their processes. Which has involved me in being with people all day, and, moreover, with people I don’t know very well. I am about to go out to dinner, again, with very nice people, but the introvert in me is finding today EXHAUSTING…. Fun, and interesting, but exhausting. Perhaps one of the reasons I like cats so much is that you can sit with them for hours and neither side ever feels the need to make conversation. Whoops…. told you so!

More tomorrow.