Just before Ange finished my big tattoo, she asked me what colour I’d like the leaves to be – an olive-y green, or a brighter green? Hmmm, I thought, I don’t really know, so I asked if I could have a look in the mirror. To be honest, I was a bit dismayed – the tattoo looked very dark, much darker than I’d expected, and quite muddy looking. I went with bright green because I thought it needed to be brightened up a bit.

Fortunately, once Ange finally announced she’d finished (and I heaved a huge sigh of relief), cleaned it off and presented me with a mirror, the tattoo looked much brighter and better. To be honest, I was a bit stunned by it. The pine cones and branches look amazingly realistic, and the picture of the lake seen through them is lovely, a gorgeous representation of the original picture. It was much bigger and more noticeable than I’d originally imagined it, but I didn’t mind. I absolutely loved it.


More tomorrow.