So, the second tattoo. This one was relatively easy. When I went to the World Cold Water Swimming Championships in Rovaniemi, Finland, last year (almost exactly a year ago, in fact), the South London Swimming Club crew travelled part of the way there by train. The seven hour journey was enlivened by the application of SLSC tattoos (fake, of course!) to various parts of our bodies. I applied one to my (ahem) chest, and really liked it; I would glance at it in the morning when I showered, and enjoy the sight of it. Fun as it would have been to have the SLSC logo tattooed on my breast as a symbol of the club, I felt that it might be going a trifle too far, but I clearly needed a tattoo which represented swimming. Fortunately, I didn’t have far to look. I have written here before about my beloved turtle necklace which I wear when I swim. I would have a turtle tattoo.