Very quick post tonight, because 1. I am as tired as if I’d spent all day on my feet – oh, wait, I did, and 2, the charger on my phone is broken, and therefore my posting activities will be slightly curtailed until I get a new one. I will, as per rules, continue to write every day and hopefully to post every day, but it may be at slightly different times.

So…. The Champs!! The UK Cold Water Swimming Championships 2015, © South London Swimming Club, venue Tooting Bec Lido: about a thousand people flooding in to enjoy the best that South London has to offer. The weather gods smiled on us as sun poured down all day, the water was a refreshing three degrees, and, once the lovely folk of SLSC had got round the little problem of a non-appearing marquee by knocking a substitute together out of bits of tent they happened to have lying around in the store cupboard, nothing at all went wrong. It was a fabulous, fabulous day spent with the best kind of people in the world and I loved every minute. I shall tell you all about it tomorrow, after I gave had a good night’s sleep and regained the feeling in my poor punished feet.