For Pisceans, 2015 is a year for love. Single Pisceans will have a romantic moment, or perhaps several, in a motorway service station, although any relationship begun in a Welcome Break is unlikely to last. A new hobby rekindles the romance for married Pisceans, probably painting or marquetry. Lucky beard: goatee.

Fitness and health is featured prominently for you this year, making kale-based cookbooks and kettle bells excellent gift choices. You may find yourself gravitating towards dungarees. October is starred for travel, although the nonappearance of rail replacement bus services will lead to disappointment in this respect. Lucky colour: taupe.

Those born under the sign of the twins are often penny-wise and pound-foolish, and this year you would do well to resist any strong urges to go long on Eurodollar futures. Short-dated Treasury bonds look like a safe bet. Spring brings new friendship with someone called Miguel, with whom you will be able to share a newfound passion for a well diversified retail Forex portfolio. Lucky flower: gypsophila.