I should be posting haiku today.  Or a continuation of my background music post. Or something. But I appear to be doing the writing equivalent of hitting the wall. According to my stats I’ve posted 309 times. This one will make 310, so I have just under two months to go, and I’m feeling it. Well, I say “feeling it”, which is actually a poncy, attention-seeking way of saying that I’m just feeling a bit bored with having to post every day. It’s not really like hitting the wall in a marathon, which I believe involves actual physical pain. This is just a bit of laziness.

And, to be honest, not unexpected. In long swims, it’s always the bit just before I get into the home straight that I have most difficulty with, the bit where I’m just thinking “OK, want this to be over now”.  That’s the bit when you have to get over yourself, buckle down, and just keep swimming. Or writing. And that tends to be the bit when you learn something about yourself. Like, in this case, that even when I really don’t want to write, the act of writing creates the energy to write. Hmm. I seem to remember remarking on something like this before. Maybe I should write it down….

Also, I’ve learnt that I don’t really want it to be over. I’m not going to stop posting, even after I’ve done my 365 days. But I am starting to think that it might be nice to have the odd Sunday off. And after reading this, I expect you’re probably thinking it would be nice if I took the odd Sunday off too. Never mind. Only fifty five posts to go. And since there are still fifty five posts to go, there will definitely be more tomorrow, and, who knows, it may even be worth a read.