At this point, I nearly gave up. My lovely turtle was broken and I couldn’t find a replacement online, so I would just have to live with it. But every so often, I went back and had another search on “turtle pendants” in the hope of finding a replacement.

Now, I have a couple of core beliefs about the internet, that miraculous flowering of human knowledge and ingenuity. Firstly, that, like language, reading, printing, and a host of other things, it’s a next step in human evolution. And for anyone who feels like arguing this point, yes, I do think that being able to watch a video of a cat in a shark costume riding a roomba is evolutionary progress.

My second belief is that you can find anything, anything on the internet, with the possible exceptions of an accurate medical diagnosis, the feelings of well-being that result from being immersed in nature, and a picture of an iguana in a bonnet. My turtle must be out there somewhere. I just wasn’t asking the internet the right questions.

More tomorrow.