Where you can run into problems with internet searching is if you want something extremely esoteric (for example, a picture of an iguana in a bonnet, say) or a very specific example of something very common. So, if I want a picture of a kitten in a hat, no problem! If a picture of a ginger kitten in a hat, again, no problem. But what if I want a specific picture which I saw a while ago but can’t remember where? Googling “Ginger kitten in hat” brings up thousands of images: which one is the one I want?

This is where you have to get a bit creative in your Googling, and perhaps also get friendly with the concept of taxonomy, which is defined as the classification of things. To take ginger kittens in hats as an example, this is a class of things, the things in this instance being images on the internet, and there are thousands of images in this class. If I can narrow it down by finding a subset into which the image I’m looking for fits, that will make my search easier. So if I remember that the image I’m looking for is of a sleeping ginger kitten in a pink knitted hat, that will help. I can use Boolean operators as well, if I wish. 

For an example of how this works in practice, Google Funny cat video and see what you get. Now Google Cat+shark+roomba and see what happens. And if you’re not already familiar with this seminal piece of work, then enjoy! for this video alone, in my humble opinion, both justifies the existence of the internet and provides positive and irrefutable proof that God exists and that She loves us and wants us to be happy.

More on this subject in due course. But in the next few days I shall be writing about other things. The cat sitter is installed at home, the cats have bidden me the usual fond farewell (“See yah, wouldn’t wanna be yah”) and I am en route to the 2nd Polish International Ice Swimming Championships, which last year were nutso in the extreme. The usual house rules apply: I shall write every day and publish when I can. What japes Pip!  More tomorrow.