So there we are. Change is hard, not because we’re not sufficiently motivated or sufficiently strong-willed but because we have all sorts of other forces and influences acting on us, many of which we’re unaware of.  Sometimes change is hard because we don’t want to change, but it’s forced upon us. And change can be more difficult because of the way we think of it. We tend to envisage it as something which is under our control, which often it isn’t, and as a fairly straightforward linear process, which it also isn’t.  Counter intuitively, even positive change usually involves a cycle of undoing before rebuilding and the undoing part can be alarming if we’re not expecting it.

But despair not, for help is at hand. To quote The Shawshank Redemption: “Salvation lies within”, in that part of ourselves which remains constant, which is undaunted by change and which can help us if we let it. It matters not a great deal whether we access that part of ourselves via therapy or counselling or through conversation with someone wise and kind, or via another route such as meditation, writing, or even something as simple as just walking and thinking. There are many ways to get in touch with that part of yourself; the main thing is to find one which works for you. 

And that’s more or less it, really. Just under a month’s worth of posts, not counting the intermissions. I started by writing about force of habit and ended up writing about change, but that is often the way of things with these longer topics, as the more creative and thoughtful side of me takes over. It’s been interesting and helpful for me; I hope it’s been at least intermittently interesting and maybe even helpful for you, dear readers.

I should add here that I have no training in psychology, therapy or counselling, and no qualification for writing about any of this stuff, other than that of having lived in the world for over half a century, during which time I have done my fair share of soul-searching, including a number of years in therapy. So do bear in mind that these are just the random musings of the voices in my head and do not take them as gospel truth. But if any of it speaks to you, take it and use it with my blessing.

And that’s it. Except – there is just one more tiny thing…..  So there will be one more post tomorrow.