Inspiration at a low ebb today, so a fallback on four haiku about my weekend, which has included a fair amount of swimming. An autumn mile yesterday, today the end-of-season South London swimming club triathlon relay, which is mainly about having fun. Our team, Dangerous When Wet, came a triumphant second-to-last, but who cares when you can spend a long Sunday morning relaxing in the sunshine with friends next to a huge, sparsely populated, sky-reflecting Lido? And this week the Lido closes to the public and we return to our cosy winter ways of Just-us, leaves on the water, frost on the paving, tea and toast, and sooner or later the sauna goes on…..

Runs like an otter,
Bikes like a fish, swims like a
Gazelle; our tri team!

Basking swimmers; blue
Water so tempting. Beware
That old autumn chill…

Autumn. The public
Fly south. Members relax. Soon
Comes winter’s embrace.

“Get orf our Lido!”
The public gone, we cry now
“Is the sauna on?”