I’m so sorry about this. This series of posts has been ridiculously fragmented. Normal service should be resumed next week when I’m back in the office and force of habit re-exerts its influence.

Today I have triumphed in small ways. I spend an awful lot of my time thinking about all the things I should be doing, but don’t, especially at home, but today I did actually get on and do stuff. Normally on a Sunday I will hang out at the Lido chatting until there is almost no one left to chat to, and don’t get me wrong, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but when I get home, I will often have some lunch and then, rather than getting on with my chores, I will read the paper and have a little nap. Again, not necessarily a bad thing, but then I get to the end of the only space I have in the week when I can work on making my own living space more beautiful and comfortable and I have done nothing towards that goal.

My dream of my mother’s house clearly summed up my fear that I too will end up in a rotting house full of broken things. To take a case in point, my home broadband. I have my own modem and had a separate wireless router, and they had worked perfectly together for about five years, but recently the modem failed. I did a little internet research and discovered that the modem I had is notorious for failing after only a few months (I guess I got lucky, as I had it for some years before it broke). I hesitated to replace it with the same model, especially since all the forums recommended a modem router which could be configured to work as a modem alone and which was much cheaper and more reliable.

The forums were full of posts about DNS and PPPoE and NAT and other scary acronyms.  But what the hey!! I am an intelligent woman!  I can make it work!!! So I ordered the modem/router and, when it arrived, I intelligently and resourcefully left it in its box. I just could not face the inevitable week-long struggle to get my unusual set-up to work. And left it. And left it…  Every time I could have done it, I decided I needed a nap more. It was just too daunting. Maybe that’s how my mum ended up in a house full of broken furniture. Maybe my subconscious was trying to tell me that having a modem/router in a box on the sideboard will do nothing to improve my quality of life, no matter how many geeks have recommended it.

And you know what? Today I tackled it. I did all the other chores and annoying bits and pieces which have been bugging me, and then, even though it was five pm and I could reasonably have talked myself into having a nice little nap instead, I sat down, got out all the bits and pieces, and set out to navigate an instruction manual and a quick set-up wizard that clearly believed that a) I was going to use it as a router as well as a modem and b) I was still running Windows XP. And I did it!! I have the Internets!!*

Oh, sure, there were problems, but I solved them. And I in addition have clean clothes, and the cats have a clean litter box (not that they care, ungrateful little b*ggers) and the car has been washed clean of pigeon shit, and generally I feel like Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen at the end of Changing Rooms, except without the dodgy decor and slightly appalled participants, and with the internet. It’s fantastic! I changed a habit which didn’t work for me and gained a sense of achievement. And I suppose you could say this post is part of the previous series, which is why I just changed the title, and why it’s also fair to say there will be More Tomorrow.

*Lolcat reference. If you don’t like cats, move along. If you do, click here to see the Creation of the Internets. 😸