Part 1 because I will do a longer description of the swim tomorrow, but today a short five minutes to say, I did it!! I swam Coniston end to end.
I have to say, it was harder than I expected, particularly after I swam 11k with Olivia and Stu Palmer a few weeks ago. This was 8.4k, five and a quarter miles, and I foolishly thought, yeah, no problem. And it wasn’t a problem, but there were some bits when I thought, flip, this is hard. Although, in fairness to me, quite a lot of us thought it was hard, specially the last mile and a half. I have nothing but the most sincere admiration for those who did it in skins, quite a number of them my chums. I definitely could not have done it without my snuggly wetsuit.
The weather was perfect, almost a flat calm, sunny almost all the time and positively hot by the finish. And it was fantastically organised. I’m very glad to have done it and I will report on it in more detail tomorrow when my brain feels less like tenderised liver….