There are wonderful things and frustrating things about writing like this. The wonderful stuff is being able to write every day, discovering subjects which make my heart sing and which make me think afterwards “Yep, that was a good bit of writing”, working out my thinking through writing, and finding out that what I write strikes a chord in others.

The frustrating stuff is varied. Sometimes it’s because I just don’t feel like writing and have to force myself, but that would be the same for anything one does habitually. Sometimes it’s because I can’t think of anything to write about; having written for six months, I feel as though I may have plucked the low-hanging fruit and that the next six months will be harder. It’s like a long swim; for me, it’s always the third quarter which is hardest, when tiredness is setting in, the initial thrill has long faded but I’m not yet at the point when I can anticipate the end. It’s the bit where you have to dig in and just keep swimming, or in this case, writing.

Another frustrating thing is the episodic nature of the writing. By its nature, it’s bitty, but it also militates against writing longer pieces in a structured way. When I’ve written a long series of posts I often think “Hmm, if I could I’d go back and start that differently”. There’s a difference to writing a long piece and being able to plan it out or revise it, and writing a long piece day by day. Of course there’s nothing to stop me planning a piece ahead of writing it, but somehow that feels as though it’s against the rules, and as though it would kill some of the creativity and chance which comes with not planning ahead. I sort of plan in my head, sometimes, but that often changes with the writing, which is, as I’ve said, more or less the point.

Otherwise, so far, so good! In fact, better than good, because I have kept to my rule of posting every day, I have some appreciative readers, which is not the main thing but is very nice, and I am still writing. I don’t know what the next six months will bring, but then, I didn’t know what this six months would bring when I started writing. I have a feeling there may be some fiction in there, and definitely some poetry. It will be interesting to find out.