So, back after a short intermission. One of the things I’ve discovered whilst writing some of these posts is that I don’t know what I feel about certain subjects until I write about them. It’s as though the writing doesn’t just crystallise my thinking but brings up thoughts from my subconscious that I didn’t know I had. Writing about the Great British Bake Off, for instance, I’d had no intention when I started to compare Bake Off Britain to the Britain presented by the London Olympics, but as I was writing, it started to present itself as an idea. I’m not 100% sure it stands up to close examination (although I think it’s supportable) but it’s certainly an idea, and not one I’ve seen elsewhere.

Similarly, I can start off writing about something feeling very uninspired, and find that once I’ve started it just takes off. Again, that happened with last Thursday’s Bake Off post, when I had decided to review the show. In the shower that morning I felt rather flat about it; as a show, I’d enjoyed it hugely, but there wasn’t  a big “shock horror” moment, I’d already done smut and innuendo to death, and, really, what was there to say other than “I love Bake Off, Bake Off is wonderful”. Then I started with Enzewor’s fondant faux pas and went from there, and I think it ended up as one of the best things I’ve written. Sometimes one small idea can spark a torrent of writing:; the Lido Crawl would not have been half so much fun to write about if I hadn’t for some reason decided to report on it in the manner of a cross between an Old Testament prophet and the Morte d’Arthur. I have no idea why I did, but once I had, it took on a life of its own.

More tomorrow.