I wrote yesterday about what I called “the callous and indifferent self-interest” at the heart of football. In large part this is driven by its governing body FIFA and its chair Sepp Blatter. I don’t need to rehearse again the allegations of corruption at the top of international football, but if you want more detail, you could do worse than read this Guardian: Cleanse Fifa of corruption by leaving it, not playing along
So, corruption. Reason no. 3.

But none of these are what I hate most about football, although they are probably linked to it, its bastard children, if you will.
No, what I hate most about it is its ubiquity, its constant monolithic presence, the way it permeates and dominates the cultural conversation in this country, constantly. Andy commented yesterday “Enough about football, maybe? Move along.” And I wish I could, but football won’t let me. It’s there, always, endlessly, World Cup, European Cup, Champions League, Premier League, the Championship, FA Cup, Football League, Europa League, friendlies, managers, owners, injuries, transfers, on and on and on, rammed into our faces and down our throats EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY F*CKING DAY.

More tomorrow.