So. This weekend I have played a bit of a blinder. I’ve been swimming twice, I’ve been to the theatre, I’ve had a lovely dinner with friends last night during which a whole bottle of rosé wine mysteriously disappeared despite the fact that no-one else was drinking it, and today I met some more lovely friends for lunch and drank a lot more wine. And now I am sitting on the sofa where I am supposed to be writing my blog and coming up with a footballing fact of the day, and instead I’m falling asleep.
My lovely friend Deborah who inspired this blog through her Collage 365 project, which involved doing a collage a day for a year, said there were days when she’d just grab a handful of scraps of paper and go “Stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick!” randomly, so fed up was she with collaging. This is sort of one of those posts (Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog…..). But it does have to have a Footballing Fact Of The Day, so here it is:
The Footballing Fact Of The Day.
Holland have never won the World Cup, despite being runners-up three times. That must be really frustrating for them, poor things. I think on that basis alone. I’m going to be supporting Holland as long as they stay in. I know it’s not very funny. But one thing I’ve learnt during two and a bit weeks of doing the Footballing Fact Of The Day is that football is not very funny, really. But never mind! I shall be strong! Tomorrow, I embark on a humorous examination of the offside rule. Pray for me.
That was The Footballing Fact Of The Day. I thank you.