So, the second in an occasional series about Things About Which I Should Really Be A Bit More Zen, aka Things that really get on my tits. Today, the “Oooh, I really ‘ate being in London, how can you stand it?” Brigade.  Now, at this point, I should definitely clarify that I am not talking about anyone specific at this point. Or rather, if I am, it’s highly unlikely they are reading this blog. So please, if you are not a Londoner, don’t take any offence. *ingratiating smile*

The inspiration for this particular blog took place a few months back, when I was chatting in the kitchen with a relatively new colleague who lives in a county in the North of England, let’s call it Yorkshire, and stays in London during the week for work. It was Monday morning and he had just come back from the North and when I asked him if he had enjoyed a good weekend, he replied “Oh yes! Well, I was in Glossop (or wherever), how could I not? It’s so much better than this place. There’s no noise, there’s no people rushing round all over the place, you can breathe the air… I don’t know why people choose to live here, I really don’t”. And with that he took his coffee and went off, leaving me, one of the people who chooses to live “here “, ie in London, standing there with my mouth open.

More tomorrow. But now! The Footballing Fact Of The Day!

It is well-known that football referees have to be as fit as the players of the “beautiful game” and fully conversant with all of its rules, regulations and niceties. What is not widely known is that most of them have become referees because they are temperamentally unsuited to become top-flight footballers, being calm, level-headed, even-tempered and open-minded. On retirement it is these very characteristics which make it hard for them to return to playing football, and thus a number of them turn to the game of rugby instead. A few years back, a group of retired referees in New Zealand set up a rugby team, recycling their referees’ strip for their new team, which resulted in them becoming known as the “All Blacks”. I believe they have gone on to do rather well.

That was The Footballing Fact Of The Day. I thank you.