With regard to my last point, about the NHS, I imagine that those who want to “send them all back” are not referring to the urbane Egyptian-born hospital consultant who treated their breast lump. Their thoughts I expect tend more to the unskilled immigrants from the EU and elsewhere who tend to be widely resented in areas which used to reliant upon the sort of low and semiskilled manufacturing jobs which have now disappeared to Asia. The feeling is that “these people are taking our jobs”, but why?

To answer that question we have to look elsewhere. Why, hello! Mr Cameron and Mr Farage! It is politicians like David Cameron and businessmen like Nigel Farage who have spent the last few years driving down wages and chipping away at job security and union regulation to create the sort of zero-hours minimum wage jobs which are attractive  for immigrants and less attractive for British people.

If you are a young Hungarian or Pole, you can come here and work in a variety of bottom-of-the-food chain jobs whilst learning English, getting some experience and seeing a bit of the world. You probably live in relatively cheap accommodation, you have no dependants and you are pretty flexible in where, what and when you do your work, so you can probably make a living. And the chances are that you’re not going to be doing it for ever so you’re not too worried about job security. You are, in fact, possibly a bit like my friends thirty years ago who set out to travel the world, working a bit here and there and living off not very much.

Contrast this with a British person with a family. They have dependants. They have kids at school. They can’t move around. They need some job security, and wages that will pay at least rent. But, in the work environment created by Cameron-Farage & Co, Gradgrinds to the gentry, they can’t get those sorts of jobs. They could think it through and blame the unholy duo, or they could follow the lead set by those cronies in corporate crime, the majority of the British press, and indulge in a bit of good old-fashioned scapegoating by blaming “the other”. Someone around who looks a bit Eastern European, who speaks Hungarian? Let’s blame them!

More on this tomorrow, but now, as Monty Python used to say, for something completely different. I am aware that some sort of football tournament thing started yesterday. I will not be reporting on it in quite the same way as the Winter Olympics (sorry, Sochi-hounds!), but I do have a few articles up my sleeve, including one which will make its appearance in the next few days, entitled “Why I can’t stand bl**dy football” – keep an eye out for that one, football fans!  However, in deference to those of my dear readers who may find the thought of four and a half weeks of solid football mildly diverting, I have, for the duration of the World Cup, introduced The Footballing Fact Of The Day. Here’s today’s.

*Small fanfare * The Footballing Fact Of The Day.
In 2002 David Beckham was unable to play in the World Cup because his marsupial had been badly hurt in an accident and he was so upset that he had to withdraw from the England team in order to take care it.
That was The Footballing Fact Of The Day. I thank you