Having been told by my boss that he does interrupt me, but it’s because I woffle, I spent a while thinking about this and reached the conclusion that there could be several possible reasons for this.

No. 1. I do woffle. As far as this goes, I don’t think I do, or at least, not more than my colleagues.
No. 2. Because I’m a woman, my utterances are seen as less worthy and important, and therefore more woffly, than those of my male colleagues.  I’m not sure whether there is evidence to support this view (I mean general evidence; as far as I know nobody has done sociolinguistic analysis on our management meetings), but I believe that it’s perfectly possible that the interjections of speakers perceived as lower status are considered as less worthy of attention and therefore more woffly.

I feel I am selling you a bit short, but because a) I have a friend staying, b) I have met my self-imposed rule of writing for five minutes a day, c) I’m actually a bit drunk, and therefore d) you might find my writing somewhat less than top quality, I’m going to park it there and promise you part 5 tomorrow.