Some time this week I will post my sixtieth post on this blog, which means I’m approximately two months into this self-imposed challenge of posting something every day. In light of that, here’s a small summation of where I am at this point

There’s no doubt that it is a challenge, on some days, even a burden. By undertaking to do it every day without fail, I’ve ensured I can’t take any days off.  On the other hand, that’s part of the interest of it, to see what I discover as a result of that.

One of the things I’ve discovered is that it really is about application. PG Wodehouse famously said that writing is about application; the application of the seat of the trousers to the seat of the chair, or, in my case, the finger of the hand to the screen of the phone, since I do most of my posts on my mobile. I’ve commented before that whether or not I feel like writing doesn’t have much relationship to the quality of the eventual output.  I’ve also started to notice that my enthusiasm for doing the writing often comes from doing it, not from anticipating it, which again, is a useful lesson to carry into other areas of my life.

One thing I have discovered is that it will be difficult to keep writing single posts on disparate subjects for a year.  I could do it, but I’m not sure it would be sufficient to maintain my interest, and if I’m not interested in what I’m writing, I doubt if anyone else will be interested in reading it. With that in mind, I’m looking at what else I can do within the parameters I’ve set myself.

The recent posts following a single thought over three days were an experiment along those lines, to my mind not an entirely successful one. Normally if I write a longer piece I will shape it during and after writing it to refine the arguments and create the structure and flow of the piece. Posting over three days I wasn’t able to do that and it made the writing a curiously frustrating and flat experience.  Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I’ve never been terribly attracted by the idea of writing a novel; once the pieces are finished, I somewhat lose interest in them, so writing something over a long period of time is a challenge for me. One good reason, then, why I should experiment more with doing it.

Over the next few weeks and months I’m going to be playing a bit with what I can do here within the rules I’ve set myself. As ever, I don’t know what will come out but it will be interesting to see what results.