I haven’t got much in the locker today. I’m suffering, not from post-holiday let-down, because it’s nice to be home, but from post-holiday disconnect. It’s the best term I can come up with for that slightly dislocated feeling, as though in my time away, I’ve got very slightly the wrong shape for my life.

At work there are things on the to-do list which a week ago I thought were important enough to put a big red asterisk by, yet today I had to look back at the correspondence to remember what was so urgent about them.  Everything has been a bit slower and bumpier than usual, as though the engine is running a bit cold.  Energy and creativeness are a bit thin on the ground generally.

That’s all fine. I’ll get back into it in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, though, what I really want is to be able to power down and reconfigure, a bit like a computer needing restarting after installing updates. It’s not that surprising – over the last few days I’ve had an awful lot of new experiences and spent time with a lot of people.  Now I’m back in familiar territory, my subconscious no doubt wants to process everything and is pulling power from elsewhere to do it. At this point, what I need is to go to bed early with a good book and allow it to get on with it.

System restart in five….four…..three….