Tomorrow at 7.25 am I, along with about 60 other South London Swimming Club members, get on a plane to go to Finland for the 2014 World Winter Swimming Championships.  The Championships take place at Rovaniemi, which is on the Arctic circle. The air temperature there is between -15 and -3, and the water is an interestingly brisk 0 degrees. (0 degrees? 0 degree? Which is correct? Blessed if I know.)

Rovaniemi is also the home of Santa Claus, and you can apparently visit him there all year round.  I found a live webcam yesterday of Lordi’s Square, the main square in Rovaniemi, and was surprised to see a large Christmas tree. I decided that the image must be an old one, only smacking my head later on and thinking “Doh!  Get with the PROGRAMME, Doofus!”. The gala dinner on Saturday night seems to feature rather a lot of reindeer, which makes me think that Santy may not be quite as fond of Dasher, Dancer, Donner and Blitzen as he makes out.

Whilst I am in Finland I will continue to blog, or at least, to write a post every day. Since data-roaming will be turned off on my phone to avoid me having to sell my house to pay the phone bill, I will be reliant on Wi-Fi. Those Who Know tell me Wi-Fi is EVERYWHERE in Finland, so I am hopeful. However, if there are any breaks in normal transmission, that is why.

Nahdaan Myohemmin!, as they say in Finland!