A few thoughts as Sochi 2014 comes to an end.
1.  I’m really pleased that Aileen Neilson and the GB curlers won their bronze medal. Their obvious joy was richly deserved given that they started the competition ranked fifth and so have done exceptionally well. It seems a shame that we probably won’t see any more of this absorbing game until PyeongChang in 2018. 
2. Talking of PyeongChang, the section of the closing ceremony choreographed by South Korea was excellent, and should bode well for 2018. Mind you, it doesn’t necessarily follow: our section in Beijing in 2008 was entirely crappy, consisting mainly, if I remember correctly, of a red London bus driving round the arena topped with David Beckham, who then rather lamely kicked a football into the crowd. Thank god they got Danny Boyle on board.
3. The Russians have an extremely cool national anthem. It’s tuneful, stirring, evocative, and very Russian. They really did take the top spot in the anthem stakes.
4. Fantastic as they are, I do hope that one day we can stop talking about the Paralympics and Paralympians and just talk about the Olympics and Olympians. I really don’t see why we need different competitions for able and disabled athletes any more than we have different competitions for men and women. And maybe then I’ll finally be able to watch the bl**dy biathlon.
5. Are we actually 100% sure that Vladimir Putin isn’t really a robot alien sent to destroy the earth?
Goodbye!  Or, as the Russians say…..