Two British women up for medals this morning in the skeleton. I can’t tell you any more about that because we didn’t speak of it. Maybe they slide down a mountain on one of the failed competitors from yesterday’s ski-jump.
I do know a lot about Manchester United though because there was a big interview with a man who writes for a football magazine. Apparently the glaziers are regretting appointing David Moyes (why glaziers? Do they know more about football than, say, plasterers or carpenters?). They’ll have to do something soon because the fans are restless (presumably they’ll pull another name out of a hat during their tea break). However, they’ll probably also keep him on until the end of the season (not sure how the two statements fit together, but there you go).
I must admit, it’s nice of the Today programme sports team to keep me so up to date about the doings of a team who are, if I heard correctly, 11 points off fourth place. It must be so tempting to devote their entire coverage to one of the world’s greatest sporting events taking place even as we speak. They do run a lot of drool-making trailers for the wall-to-wall coverage on BBC 2 which, alas, I cannot watch because I have to go to work. So I must make do with tantalising snippets about pipes and flying suits because the Today programme sports team do not consider two women sliding down a mountain on a skeleton to be a proper sport, and who can blame them?